I was sitting in the back of a cab on the way home after a late night at work. The driver looks at me in the rearview mirror and strikes up a conversation by asking what I do. I tell him I make ads and immediately see him retreat from the conversation. He says he doesn’t like ads and for the rest of the drive I try to convince him that I’m not interested in making bad ads. I only want to make the good ads that make you smile or laugh or pay attention.

I was at university doing a Bachelor of Arts when I realised I wanted to use my passion for writing to earn a living. Thankfully, someone pointed me in the direction of advertising.

My first taste was as an intern at Leo Burnett and I knew that this was what I wanted. I Instagrammed everything. After that I got a job in the mail room at Ogilvy House and decided to defer my degree so I could deliver Asos parcels and stock fridges, the dream.

When I finished Award School I took my book to all the creative directors whilst delivering their mail and eventually got a job in creative.

At Ogilvy I produced work for nearly every client in the agency. I made major integrated campaigns for Coca-Cola, Fanta and KFC. I made over a dozen TVCs. I made radio for KFC, Youtube Pre-rolls for Marshall Batteries, answered digital briefs for American Express and NSW Government and print for Powerade. But I also wanted to look to the future of our industry; so every morning I sat in on brainstorms creating reactive, platform first, relevant content for social media. 

I moved to Zoo Group Sydney as a copywriter and produced work for Unilever, Pelikan Artline and Mercedes-Benz. I also won new business pitches for Rockpool Dining Group, THR1VE and Tivok. 

I left Zoo Group to take up a role as a Freelance Copywriter at R/GA. The agency has a strong focus on producing quality digital and social work for their clients. This meant I was able to focus on the craft of copywriting in its minutiae to tailor brand messaging in these channels. I worked on large-scale rollouts of digital campaigns for Telstra and Samsung  and worked on two successful pitches. 

I want to make ads that people enjoy. Ads that entertain, make people laugh, ads that make people take notice. Ads that cabbies will like.